Scheme design of bag opening and bag supporting mechanism of rotary packing machine

The bag opening mechanism used in general industry in the rotary packing machine is mostly suction cup adsorption type bag opening. This bag opening mechanism can have many kinds of power transmission mechanisms. For prefabricated bags such as PET/AL/CPP composite film bags, their two-layer film has a good fit at the mouth of the bag. The general mechanical bag opening mechanism is not easy to open the bag, so a vacuum suction cup type is adopted. The bag opening mechanism can open the bag mouth smoothly and accurately. The picture is a schematic diagram of the bag opening and bag holding mechanism of the rotary packing machine.

1. Bag support arm
2, 5, 11, cylinder
3. Bag holder clip
4. Nozzle
6. Gear
7, 9 suction cup
8. Bag outline
10. Linkage gear

When the prefabricated bag reaches the third station, the distance between the two machine clamps becomes smaller to facilitate the opening of the bag mouth. PLC controls the air cylinder operation to drive the suction cup action (if the bag size is large, to ensure reliable bag opening, we have designed the upper and lower suction cup mechanism), adsorb the bag mouth and open the bag, and then blow the nozzle to open the bag To the fully expanded state, it is convenient for the bag supporting manipulator to descend along the guide rail and smoothly insert into the bag mouth. The bag holder clamp is closed with the bag holder arm down to a certain depth in the bag, and the air cylinder is controlled by PLC to open the bag holder to carry out the bag holding action, and then the turntable and the bag holder arm are turned to the next station for operation
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