Scheme design of filling and unloading mechanism for rotary packing machine

One of the main factors that need to be considered in the design of the filling and unloading mechanism of the rotary packing machine is the physical state of the material. For liquid materials, according to the filling principle of the filling valve component mechanism, it can be divided into: equal pressure filling and atmospheric filling. Atmospheric filling is mostly gravity filling, volumetric quantitative filling, and weighing quantitative filling. Since the bag-feeding packaging machine in this study does not contain liquid material packaging, the analysis design of the liquid filling packaging mechanism is not made here. For the filling and packaging of granular and powdered materials, there are two optional filling methods: weighing quantitative filling and volumetric quantitative filling. The former is to achieve quantitative filling by weighing the weight of the material, which is divided into non-bucket weighing, mechanical lever weighing, single-bucket and multi-bucket weighing, continuous weighing, and multi-bucket electronic combined weighing. This filling method has low filling efficiency, high cost and complex structure. The latter is achieved by controlling the volume of the material, which includes three filling methods: plunger, measuring cup, and screw. These three filling methods can be divided into two categories: one is to control the volume by controlling the flow or time of the material, such as screw filling; the other is to use the same measuring container to measure the volume of the material to achieve quantitative filling, such as measuring cup filling , Plunger filling. The materials this time are mainly granular or powder materials, and generally require quantitative packaging. Therefore, we choose the electronic combined weighing and filling method.

GD8  Pre-made bag rotary packing machine

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