High-speed cartoning machine composition and component adjustment

The high-speed cartoning machine is mainly composed of pneumatic device, vacuum device, cam control unit, handwheel unit, small box storage device, small box transfer arm, product cup chain unit, paper folding (instruction) machine, manual transmission unit, product insertion unit, batch number It consists of equipment, discharge conveyor, small box waste disposal unit, etc. Among them, the main components are carton device, suction box turntable, tongue sealing box structure, finished product output and waste rejection structure.

Adjustment of carton device of cartoning machine
The hand plate in the cartoning machine is used to adjust the box height. Rotate the hand plate to raise the box pressing lever enough to put down the forming carton of the adjusted medicine plate; the position of the box width adjusting sprocket is shown in Figure 2. When adjusting the width of the box, first loosen the screws in the three annular grooves of the width adjustment sprocket, and adjust the sprocket so that the distance between the push boxes on the walking chain is slightly larger than the width of the box; take an empty paper box and use it manually It is formed and sealed at both ends, and then placed flat in the box push chain, fine-tune the sprocket so that the push box on the box chain just jams on both sides of the forming carton. After adjustment is appropriate, tighten the 3 screws on the sprocket , Complete the paper box width adjustment work.

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