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PVC heating process of blister packaging machine
Heating of PVC in blister packaging machine: According to the working order, the first station is to heat PVC. There are contact and radiation heating methods, and the controller maintains its constant temperature. The heating temperature is selected according to the molding (foaming) method, working speed, and PVC thickness. The heating temperature of the positive pressure molding method is generally around 130C, and the heating temperature of the negative pressure molding method is 140-160℃. When thicker PVC is used and the machine runs faster, the heating temperature should be increased. After the PVC is heated and softened, the adhesion to the general metal materials increases, which makes continuous work difficult. Therefore, the heating roller or stove plate that contacts the PVC should be coated with fluoroplastics or special anti-drying materials should be used to make the roller or stove plate. 

Features of Hualian Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Machine:
1. There is no tool to change the mold, and the mold adopts guided push-in type.
2. Servo traction is adopted, which makes it easier to set up and debug.
3. Punching and push-in installation, no need to remove the suction head if it is equipped with testing, rejecting and replacing.
4. The forming heating plate has a long separation distance when stopping, which can prevent the PVC from being over softened.
5. It can be equipped with image detection and waste rejection, manipulator suction head, vibration guide rail automatic feeder.
6. It can be equipped with servo cursor to match the version.