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Forming station of blister packaging machine
The forming station of the blister packaging machine: The aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine enters the forming station after the PVC is heated and softened. The mold groove on the forming roll or the forming template is designed according to the shape of the medicine or a specific shape in each mold. Two or more small holes with a price of 0.5-1mm are drilled in the appropriate position in the groove for exhaust. When the softened PVC arrives at the forming station, it is applied to the forming roll or template, and the gas in the cavity is drawn out by the vacuum system, so that the PVC board attached to the cavity is deformed and stuck in the cavity, and it is made Bubble type.
The molding method of the blister packaging machine is positive pressure molding, the pressure can reach 6kgc/m2; the negative pressure molding pressure is below 1kg/cm2. There is also negative pressure forming after mechanical pre-calendering. Roller molding is negative pressure molding. In addition to negative pressure molding, flat plate molding can also adopt positive pressure molding. Positive pressure molding requires organic parts to fix the PVC, apply pressure from the upper part of the PVC, the gas in the mold groove is discharged from the small hole, and the PVC is compressed into the groove to form a bubble. After continuous foaming, the PVC belt forms a "blister belt" and enters the next station.

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Hualian Pharmaceutical Machine: The aluminum-plastic-aluminum packaging machine (cantilever type) is based on the DPB-270/360J blister packaging machine, adding a tropical aluminum forming and sealing process to make the product more sealed, moisture-proof and light-proof Improve the product grade. Suitable for product packaging in pharmaceutical, health care products and other industries.