The overall scheme design of the rotary packing machine

When designing the overall scheme of the rotary packing machine , the overall structure of the rotary packing machine is required to be simple and compact, easy to process and operate, and to facilitate the overall layout. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the use performance and environment of the mechanism, design and manufacturing capabilities, production costs, etc. factor. When selecting and designing a driving mechanism, it is necessary to strictly analyze the motion law and adjustment range of each action, as well as the motion speed and accuracy of each driving mechanism. If the packaging operation process requires high motion speed and motion accuracy of the mechanism, it should not be used. Pneumatic and hydraulic transmission; if the situation permits, a combination mechanism can be selected to realize complex packaging operations.

Top view of power transmission system of automatic rotary packing machine

1- rack
2-feeding rotating cam
3-support bag rotating cam
4-supporting bag lifting cam
5- turntable rotating cam
6- put bag cam
7-Clamp opening and closing cam
8-Reference main drive shaft
9-Bevel gear set
10- Rotary encoder
11-Main drive shaft
12-sprocket set
13-Bag delivery cam
14-Give bag cam
15-Gear set
16-Main motor
17-Intermittent indexing mechanism
18-Turntable rotating gear

The design of the transmission system is an important part of the overall design of the packaging machine. The transmission system diagram is shown in (the top view of the power transmission system of the automatic rotary packing machine). The power and movement of the bag packaging machine are mainly supplied by the frequency modulation motor (main motor). The main motor will output the power and movement after the speed reducer, and then transmit it to the main drive shaft through the gears Z1 and Z2 of the spur gear set. The main drive shaft is divided into three transmission routes. One of the gears Z5 and Z6 of the bevel gear set transmits power and motion to the reference main drive shaft, which is a six-cam combined assembly shaft to achieve six-station packaging operations. The other way transmits the power and motion to the intermittent indexing mechanism through the sprocket group, and then to the turntable gear to realize the intermittent indexing rotation of the turntable. The third way is directly transmitted to the cam of the linkage cam group of the bag feeding and taking mechanism, so as to realize the lifting action of the bag storage device and the taking and feeding operations of the bag taking manipulator. The transmission system is the transmission carrier of movement and force during the packaging operation. It is designed according to the packaging needs to perform mechanical movement.
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