Blister packaging machine filling medicine process

Blister packaging machine filling medicine: The mechanism of filling the medicine part varies greatly depending on the smoothness of the packaging material into the blister. The simplest one is only one filling tank or storage funnel, and the complicated one is equivalent to one Independent machine.
Sealing aluminum foil: the blister tape filled with medicine can seal the aluminum foil. The machine with the function of detecting and rejecting shall be inspected before sealing the aluminum foil. It is mainly to detect whether all the medicines are filled in the groove. The position of the detected empty groove is recorded by a computer or other methods, and the finished product is removed by the rejecting device after it is punched.
The aluminum foil sealing station is called heat sealing. Under considerable pressure and temperature, the adhesive-coated side of the aluminum foil and PVC are tightly bonded together. In order to enhance the sealing effect, a mesh pattern or dot matrix is processed on the heat-sealing mold to make the aluminum foil and PVC bond more firmly. The heat sealing temperature is generally controlled at 180-200℃. Printing batch numbers of medicines are printed at the same time as heat sealing, and some have a printing station.

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