High-speed blister packaging machine finished product detection technology and detection method

Finished product inspection of blister packaging machine: The blister tape with the laminated aluminum foil is punched into packaging units after rolling and cutting line (tear line). The machine with detecting and rejecting device must reject the defective products at this time, and the blanking leftover material is rolled up by the coil, and the whole process of aluminum-plastic packaging is completed. Some machines also have functions such as bundling several small packaging units into small bundles, folding, placing instructions, and loading cartons.

Inspection method of blister packaging machine: As for the inspection of aluminum-plastic packaging products, our country is still unable to determine the method. The general detection method is to put a certain amount of packaged products into a closed container, extract the gas in the container, and then keep it for a period of time, and put it in the color water. If some plastic bubbles or aluminum foil have leaks, color water will enter the plastic bubbles from these leaks, which can be distinguished by naked eyes. Calculate the yield rate based on the inspection results. The vacuum degree of the container and the holding time of the negative pressure have different regulations in different countries. It is hoped that a set of scientific methods and standards can be formulated in the future.

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