Clipping and unloading of rotary packing machine

For the packaging process and packaging materials of the rotary packing machine , the main types of mechanisms used are: suction cup adsorption mechanism and mechanical two-finger clamping mechanism, as shown below:

Suction cup suction type robot end actuator (left-4 suction nozzle, right-8 suction nozzle)

For example, if the packaging material is a composite film bag, if a suction cup adsorption mechanism is used, first the mechanism will increase pneumatic components, which is more complicated; secondly, the force point of the suction cup adsorption is generally the middle part of the bag, which will affect the film during adsorption and delivery. The flatness of the bag has a certain influence, which is not conducive to the operation of machine clamping bags. The best situation for the machine clamp to complete the packaging operation is to clamp the edge of the prefabricated bag within 8-15mm from the upper edge of the bag opening. This requires the flatness of the bag and the bag does not deform during the bag feeding process. Therefore, a mechanical two-finger clamping mechanism is adopted. As shown in the figure above, when the finger (bag taking splint) reaches the bag taking position, the PLC controls the movement of the cylinder, and the push rod drives the linkage gear to rotate, so that the upper and lower splints close and clamp the bag. Take the bag action. The finger finger surface of this mechanism is designed into a flat and long plane shape to match the bag-shaped feature of the prefabricated bag. At the same time, in order to ensure reliable bag clamping, a 2~3mm thick rubber sheet is attached to the finger surface of the splint. The bag fetching and clamping action is a simple opening and closing action. The two fingers are symmetrical. Therefore, the power source of this opening and closing mechanism is designed as a pneumatic element. The reciprocating movement of the push rod of the small cylinder and the linkage gear realize the manipulator finger Opening and closing actions to realize the bag clamping and bag placement operations of the rotary packing machine.
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