Design of six-position turntable and machine clamp for rotary packing machine

The six-station turntable of the rotary packing machine is the main operation carrier of the packaging process of the packaging machine. According to the work flow chart, the general structure of the six-station turntable can be seen. The turntable is 360° in a circle, and the angle between each two stations is 60 °, the machine gripper is symmetrical on the turntable. Figure 1 is a schematic diagram. When the machine clamp is adjusted, loosen the hexagonal screws, the machine clamp can move along the left and right rails to suit different specifications of packaging bags.

GD8-ZK100 automatic rotary packing machine (vacuum)

For the bag clamping action at the first station, the bag opening action at the third station, and the bag opening closing action between the fourth station and the fifth station, we have designed a special cam profile with multiple movements, as shown in the figure above Shown. In the figure, 1~6 represent rollers. The rollers cooperate with the high pair of turntable cam to form a disc cam mechanism of swinging roller connecting rod. Roller 6 to Roller 1, and then to Roller 2. This section indicates that the operation is in the first station, the turntable cam first rotates counterclockwise, and the roller 6 rotates with the turntable to the roller 1 position, and the spring is stretched. , The two bag holders rotate around the O1 and O2 points on the frame. As shown in the figure above, the spacing becomes larger, that is, the width of the machine gripping hand becomes wider, so that the prefabricated bags can be put in, and then roller 1 to roller 2 Position, the turntable cam rotates clockwise, the spring shrinks, the width of the machine clamp gripper becomes narrow, and the prefabricated bag is clamped; the interval from roller 2 to roller 3 indicates that between the first station and the second station, the machine clamp clamp The width of the hand remains unchanged; the range from roller 3 to roller 4 indicates that the work is in the third station, the turntable cam rotates counterclockwise, and the width of the machine clip is narrowed to facilitate bag opening and holding; the range from roller 4 to roller 5 indicates Working between the fourth station and the fifth station, the turntable cam rotates counterclockwise (the roller rotates faster than the turntable cam with the six-station turntable), and the width of the machine clamp is widened to facilitate heat sealing; roller The interval from 5 to roller 6 means that the work is in the fifth and sixth stations, the width of the machine clip is unchanged during heat sealing and shaping, and the bag mouth is fit. The above process realizes the change of the width of the gripper of the rotary packing machine at the corresponding station.
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