Three-dimensional modeling of automatic cartoning machine

Pushing mechanism assembly model of cartoning machine

Determine the specific parameters according to the matching relationship and size requirements of the pushing mechanism of the automatic cartoning machine , and use SolidWorks to establish the assembly model of the pushing mechanism, as shown in the figure. The crank is replaced by a flange plate, fixed on the drive shaft, and rotates with the drive shaft; the connecting rod is formed by connecting a joint bearing and a rod, which is convenient to adjust the length of the connecting rod; there is a symmetrical U-shaped groove in the middle of the pendulum rod to reduce the pendulum The weight of the rod; both ends of the push rod are also connected by joint bearings, which can adjust the length of the push rod and adjust the starting point position of the pushing slider. The guide rail fixing seat and drive shaft are not marked in the figure, only the assembly relationship between the main parts of the mechanism is given.
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