Features of blister packaging machine for medicine

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The rapid development of pharmaceutical blister packaging machine is because this packaging form has obvious advantages.

1. Drugs are stable and reliable
The plates and plates of the blister pack, the medicines and the medicines are isolated from each other, which reduces or even eliminates the pollution caused by the medicines in the process of taking and carrying them. Even in the course of transportation, there will be no collisions between the medicines, which makes the medicines very vulnerable. Good protection, and stable and reliable.
2. Good airtightness and long storage period. Due to the performance of the blister packaging material, the medicine has good airtightness and shelf life after packaging, which extends the shelf life of the medicine, and the longest shelf life can reach 3 to 5 years.
3. Convenient to carry and use. The blister packs of medicines are small in size, easy to carry, and can be torn by hand for easy access.
4. Realization of low-metering packaging. The use of blister packs realizes that the medicines are packaged according to the dosage of the conventional prescription before leaving the factory, and are sold to consumers in the original packaging, providing patients with a single-dose packaging.
5. Easy to achieve serialized packaging Blister packaging can use a uniform or similar packaging element pattern to package medicines through the change of plate size and aluminum foil screen, thereby realizing serialization of pharmaceutical packaging.
6. Advanced technology, high-speed, high-efficiency, safe and hygienic automatic blister packaging machine linkage production line can realize blister forming, medicine filling, sealing, batch number printing, plate punching, packaging carton forming, manual folding and inserting, blister The whole process of blister packaging of the medicine is completed at one time, such as the board into the box and the sealing of the carton, which not only shortens the production cycle, but also reduces the possible pollution of the medicine caused by environmental and human factors, and reduces the impact on the medicine production process. It guarantees the safety of medicines and packaging to a limited extent, and meets GMP requirements.
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