The difference between blister packaging machine and skin packaging machine

Blister Packaging Machine
It is a packaging method in which the packaged item is sealed between a blister formed by a transparent plastic sheet and a substrate (made of cardboard, plastic sheet, aluminum foil or their composite materials). It was first used for medicine packaging, because the medicine can be taken out after pressing through the aluminum foil, it is also called PTP packaging.

DPH-270/330/380D  High-speed Blister Packing Machine

Skin packaging machine
Place the product on a breathable substrate made of cardboard, plastic film or sheet, and cover it with a plastic film or sheet that has been softened by heating. Vacuum through the substrate to make the film or sheet tightly wrap the product. The packaging method is sealed on the substrate.

The skin packaging machine and the blister packaging machine belong to the plastic sheet thermoforming filling packaging, and both have a transparent cavity formed by the plastic sheet and a substrate made of materials such as cardboard and aluminum foil. However, the packaging process is different. The difference is that the blister package requires a thermoforming mold to first make the cavity (blister) and then fill the article, while the skin packaging does not require a thermoforming mold. After the packaging material is heated and softened, the packaging article itself is used as a mold. Forming depends on the adhesive on the substrate cardboard and the substrate to seal, and the packaging film is attached to the packaged article after cooling.
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