Design of the heat-sealing and shaping mechanism of the rotary packing machine

The heat-sealing and shaping of the rotary packing machine belong to the finishing process of the packaging operation. These two institutions determine the appearance quality of the final packaged product. It can be seen from the heat sealing and shaping process that the heat sealing mechanism and the shaping mechanism have the same principle. The heat sealing mechanism adopts plate type heat sealing, and the shaping mechanism adopts pressure plate type shaping. The pressure plate has patterns, so the sealing shape after sealing is good in appearance and quality. And the difference is that the heat sealing mechanism has temperature control, while the shaping mechanism is only cold pressing.

As shown in the schematic diagram of the mechanism, the operation of the heat sealing mechanism is controlled by the PLC system. The air cylinder acts as a power source to drive the gear and the exhaust splint. The gear rotates to drive the symmetrical rack to move, so that the two heat sealing plates move towards each other for heat sealing, and the exhaust splint Used as exhaust. The heat-sealing plate adopts a polyethylene sealing pressing plate, and the pressing plate has a heating tube to provide a heat source to the pressing plate, so that the temperature is controlled within a certain range to ensure the heat sealing effect. At the same time, you can click the exhaust button in the PLC "Operation in Hand" interface to manually observe whether the exhaust position adjustment is normal. Excess gas can be adjusted according to actual needs by adjusting the distance between the material and the exhaust plate. The packaging that does not require exhaust can be closed in the PLC.

1-Heat-sealed drive cylinder 2-Gear 3-Rack 4-Heat-sealed plate 5-Exhaust splint 6-Exhaust device cylinder

Exhaust and heat sealing mechanism (A-mechanism diagram, B-structure view)

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