Characteristics of packaging technology of blister packaging machine

Blister packaging machine packaging is a packaging method in which the product is sealed between a blister formed by a transparent plastic sheet and a bottom plate (made of cardboard, plastic film or sheet, aluminum foil or their composite materials).
Blister packaging machine packaging was originally mainly used for pharmaceutical packaging. In addition to the packaging of pharmaceutical products such as pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, and suppositories, blister packaging is also widely used in the sales packaging of food, cosmetics, stationery, toys, gifts, tools and mechanical and electrical parts.

Blister Packing Machine

Blister packaging machine packaging has the following characteristics:
1): Good protection. Because the blister packaging machine has good sealing performance, it can be waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof and rust-proof, and extend the protection period. At the same time, it creates conditions for the vapor phase rust preventive packaging. With the vapor phase rust inhibitor, the rust preventive effect is better.
2): Transparent and intuitive. The transparent blister is easy to see the shape and size of the equipment; the substrate can be printed with basic information such as the equipment code, name, specification part number, and bar code, which facilitates the identification and number counting of the equipment in the package, and avoids receiving and sending errors.
3): Easy to use. The packaging of the blister packaging machine is easy to open and easy to use. When using a single piece of equipment, it does not affect the sealing and protection of other equipment.
4): Lightweight. The packaging quality of the blister packaging machine is small and meets the actual combat requirements. In addition, the blister has a certain elasticity, so it has a certain cushioning performance, and no cushioning material is added when packing, which not only saves storage space, but also reduces the packaging cost.
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