The development trend of pharmaceutical blister packaging machine

In order to improve the competitiveness of my country's pharmaceutical blister packaging machine in terms of technology, packaging materials and production equipment, it still needs to learn from countries with advanced packaging levels, keep up with the trend of global pharmaceutical blister packaging, and develop my country's pharmaceutical blister faster Packaging to further improve the quality and standard of pharmaceutical packaging.
(1) Complete and effective protection of medicines, which is the most basic requirement of blister packaging;
(2) The medication is safe and convenient. On the basis of protecting the medicines, the safety and convenience of users should be guaranteed;
(3) "Green" environmentally friendly packaging, using recyclable, recyclable, degradable and natural materials for blister packaging;
(4) The uniqueness and individualization of anti-counterfeiting, the use of new technologies to achieve diversified anti-counterfeiting and product brands of blister packaging;
(5) Realize high-barrier packaging and develop blister packaging materials with excellent barrier properties to achieve high-barrier packaging of medicines and ensure the effectiveness of medicines;
(6) Serialization and adaptation to OTC drug packaging, displaying drugs clearly, distinctly and effectively, and achieving serial packaging through changes in panel size and screen elements to meet the needs of OTC drug production and distribution.

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