Boxing method of cartoning machine

The packaging carton of the cartoning machine is generally made of cardboard and is mainly used for sales packaging. There are fashion bottles, bags and then boxes, or small boxes and then large boxes; sometimes it is directly used for food and other contents. Over the years, the development of packaging boxes has mainly been the use of composite materials, changing the form of boxes, improving printing and decoration, etc.; the technology of cartoning machines has mainly developed from manual operation to mechanization, semi-automation, and full-automatic operation, and the functions and uses of cartons There is no big change. In food packaging, folding cartons are widely used in biscuits, pastries, dry prepared foods, frozen foods, candies, beverages, etc. because they have the functions of protecting the contents, being economical, practical, beautiful, convenient for mechanized operation, and promoting sales. Food packaging.

DPH380DLS-DXH400S  high speed blister packaging and automatic cartoning linkage production line (aluminum plastic aluminum full servo)

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