Design of material conveying system for rotary packing machine

The material conveying system of the rotary packing machine is a mechanical conveying device with a fixed device, which conveys the material from the storage bin below to the top, and dumps it into the receiving tank to complete the conveying. Transport the pre-stored materials to the electronic metering device for filling, metering and discharging.

1- machine base 2- stocker 3- loop chain 4, 11~14- hopper 5- inspection port 6-drive device 7, 8, 9- feeding system 10- material port
 Schematic diagram of the bucket elevator structure of the rotary packing machine

According to the packaging technology of the rotary packing machine and the characteristics of the material, the bucket elevator replaces gravity unloading and conveying loading. The traction part is a low-alloy high-strength circular chain. After proper heat treatment, it has a high Tensile strength and wear resistance, while using assembled sprocket, have higher connection strength. The structure of the bucket elevator is shown in the schematic diagram, and its working principle: the deep bucket hopper is fixedly connected to the traction components (chain, sprocket) of the elevator, and the hopper and the traction parts are between the material conveying system and the head and tail of the elevator Surround, thus forming a closed contour. The driving device provides power and movement so that the hoist runs, and it is connected with the base of the hoist.
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