Blister packaging machine base material

The most common form of foam substrate for blister packaging machine is a series of composite sheets made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) hard sheet, coated or compounded with other functional polymer materials or metal materials. At present, foam substrates are developing in the direction of high barrier, non-toxic, environmental protection, and antibacterial, such as polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC), polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET), three Fluorochloroethylene homopolymer (ACLAR) and its composite materials, etc.

The main quality problems of the blister packaging machine forming foam substrates are concentrated in the aspects of insufficient mechanical strength, excessive water and air permeability, sanitary performance and abnormal toxicity indicators. Therefore, its main performance and testing indicators are: thickness and width, tensile strength, falling ball impact crushing rate, heating shrinkage, peeling force, water vapor transmission rate, oxygen transmission rate, coating amount, sanitary performance, bacterial inspection, abnormality Toxicity etc.

Hualian new product recommendation:
High-speed blister pillow packaging and automatic cartoning linkage production line (intelligent robot application)

The high-speed blister pillow packaging and automatic cartoning linkage production line is suitable for high-speed aluminum-plastic packaging of medicines, especially capsules, tablets, and sugar-coated tablets. It automatically detects and rejects waste. Intelligent robots automatically queue up and send to the high-speed pillow packaging machine to send the medicine board Side seal, and enter the cartoning machine through the servo rotating suction head. The high-speed automatic cartoning machine loads the medicine board and instructions into the carton and seals the batch number. The whole process of fully automatic packaging can achieve the purpose of reducing space and saving labor, high automation High cleanliness is more in line with GMP requirements.
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