The role of each mechanism device of the rotary packing machine

The function of the whole structure system and various mechanism devices of the rotary packing machine is reflected in the whole process of packaging operation. The meaningful bag is placed at the bag storage device, and after the movement of the main drive shaft, the movement and power are transmitted to the bag storage device through the storage bag lifting mechanism along the rail of the guide rod to realize the lifting action of the bag storage device. When the bag storage device rises to the extreme position, the suction cup (vacuum pump as the power source) on the upper part of the device sucks the bag and brakes the bag taking robot to take the bag. The main drive shaft drives the linkage cam to rotate. The linkage camshaft drives the bag taking manipulator to be large and the forearm is coordinated and coordinated. The protruding bag is sent to the position of the bag clamping device at the first station through a certain track, and then continuously passes through the second station. Position coding device (optional), go to the third station; the operation sequence of the third station is first to narrow the width of the machine clip, open the bag by the up and down bag opening device, and then blow by the blowing device to open the bag mouth To the maximum extent, the bag-supporting manipulator supports the bag, the suction cup of the bag opening device stops sucking, and the manipulator keeps this state to the fourth station; in the fourth station, the filling and unloading vibration operations are carried out sequentially, and the bag-supporting manipulator returns. When the six-station turntable device is transferred to the fifth station heat sealing device, the machine clamp becomes wider. When it reaches the fifth station, the machine clamp reaches the widest position and the bag mouth is closed. At this time, replace the heat seal. The internal gas volume is too large, and the excess gas can be discharged through the exhaust device and then heat-sealed; the sixth station shaping device reshapes the bag, and the packaging operation ends. The above-mentioned six-station mechanism is driven by the six-station roller drive reference spindle, which refers to the movement of the spindle and the material conveying system, and is responsible for conveying materials to the electronic scale device.

The whole assembly drawing of the rotary packing machine (A-the overall assembly drawing, B-the main workbench of the packaging machine)
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