Main functions of automatic cartoning machine

The function of the automatic cartoning machine is to automatically send the products or materials required to be packaged into the carton to be packed, and then automatically pack the carton through the corresponding execution device. Seal the box. The executive mechanism of the cartoning machine includes a box suction mechanism, a conveying mechanism, a material pushing mechanism, and a box sealing mechanism. At present, the domestically produced carton packaging machine has a single function and is only suitable for a single box shape. The speed of ordinary cartoning machine is generally at the low-to-medium speed level of 40-60 boxes/min. Many small and medium-sized enterprises have a small output of single products, and enterprises need to purchase multiple cartoning machine to adapt to different box-shaped products. Enterprises are facing the dilemma of high labor costs and expensive investment equipment, and the competitive advantage of products is reduced. Therefore, the successful research and development of key technologies suitable for a variety of box-shaped high-speed cartoning can promote the application of automatic cartoning in small and medium-sized enterprises and improve production efficiency. The research and development of this subject meets the needs of the market and society, and also helps to enhance the competition of my country's packaging machines in the international packaging machinery industry.

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