Optimization of bag taking mechanism of rotary packing machine

The bag taking mechanism device is an important part of the automatic rotary packing machine , including the bag taking manipulator mechanism and the auxiliary mechanism-the bag storage lifting mechanism. The task here is to determine the structure model and structure parameters of the mechanism. It is composed of two quadruple mechanisms to realize the lifting operation of the bag storage device. The structure is simple and will not be repeated here. The bag taking manipulator mechanism is mainly composed of bag taking plywood, air cylinder, big arm, small arm, sprocket set, linkage drum mechanism, and driving spindle. The key role of this mechanism is the installation angle of the linkage cam mechanism and the contour of the lens, so it is necessary to design and study the cam related parameters. The design of the structural parameters of the bag taking mechanism is based on its timing control. The picture shows the timing diagram of the bag taking mechanism device of the rotary packing machine .

Time sequence control diagram of bag taking mechanism of rotary packing machine
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