The overall design scheme of the multi-box shape of the cartoning machine

1) The overall scheme design of the adaptable multi-box automatic cartoning machine The overall scheme is the prerequisite for the beginning of the research. Combining the technical requirements and process requirements, determine the function of the cartoning machine and the boxing size range, and compile the working cycle route map of the cartoning machine. Build the overall layout of the cartoning machine.
2) Innovative design and optimization of the suction box mechanism of the automatic cartoning machine
The kinematics modeling of the suction box mechanism of the planetary gear train of the current cartoning machine is carried out, the movement characteristics and movement trajectory of the end of the suction cup are solved, and the movement trajectory is optimized through software. In order to obtain a better motion trajectory and motion characteristics, this paper proposes an ellipse-circle gear planetary gear box suction mechanism, which optimizes the parameters of the mechanism by man-machine interaction, and obtains a set of better values.
3) Adjustable design of other key mechanisms of automatic cartoning machine
The core mechanism of the cartoning machine includes four mechanisms: suction box mechanism, material conveying mechanism, pushing mechanism, and box sealing mechanism. Without changing the requirements of motion characteristics, in order to adapt to a variety of box shapes, it is necessary to adjust the position and position of some mechanisms. The transmission coordination is adjusted, so some mechanisms need to be innovatively designed to achieve the multi-box functional requirements.
4) Modeling simulation and prototype test
With the aid of 3D modeling software, the cartoning machine suction box mechanism and the whole machine are modeled and virtual assembled, the movement simulation of the suction box mechanism, the movement trajectory of the end of the suction cup is captured, the trajectory verification test is carried out, and the virtual assembly of the whole machine facilitates the discovery of the mechanism Interference between each other, and changes to unreasonable layout and structure, and finally make prototypes and carry out packing inspection.

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