Heating method of blister packaging machine

The film is heated to a temperature that can be thermoformed. This temperature is determined by the packaging material selected. The heating methods of the domestic blister packaging machine are radiant heating and conduction heating, as shown in the figure. Most thermoplastic packaging materials absorb the energy emitted by infrared rays with a wavelength of 3.0 to 3.5 μm, so it is best to use radiant heating.
1. Forming mold
2. Film
3. Far infrared heater
4. Heating roller
5. Upper heating plate
6. Lower heating plate
7. Upper molding die
8. Lower molding die

Recommended blister packaging machine :
DPB-260/330HL Flat Blister Packaging Machine

The flat blister packaging machine is a new generation of blister packaging equipment based on the improvement of the original model of Hualian Pharmaceutical Machinery. It is suitable for the aluminum and aluminum, aluminum and aluminum products of capsules, tablets, milk tablets, candy, medical equipment, electronic products and other products in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Aluminum-plastic, paper-plastic composite sealed packaging. 【Click on the picture to view the parameters of the flat blister packaging machine】
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