The principle and composition of the bag taking manipulator mechanism of the rotary packing machine

The frequency modulation motor of the transmission system of the rotary packing machine transmits movement and power to the transmission main shaft, and then transmits the movement and power to the bag taking manipulator through the branch transmission. From the schematic diagram of the bag taking manipulator mechanism in the figure below, it can be seen that the transmission main shaft rotates, and the linkage cam fixed on the transmission main shaft rotates, respectively driving the two roller followers to swing. Therefore, in the mechanism, it can be considered that there are two original moving parts for branch transmission, and each cam in the linkage cam represents a driving part. In one cycle, the frequency modulation motor outputs a certain speed, the prefabricated bag is sent to the starting position, clamped by the bag picker, the cam (1) rotates (return motion), the swing rod (3) swings accordingly, and the swing rod and The boom lever belongs to the same link, and it rotates clockwise around point A of the center of rotation. This is the swing movement of the first joint of the bag taking manipulator mechanism; at this time, the cam (2) rotates (thrust movement), and the corresponding pendulum The rod is fixed on the driving sprocket. The swing rod drives the sprocket to rotate while swinging. The big arm is used as a carrier to transmit motion and power through the chain, driving the driven sprocket to rotate counterclockwise, driving the small arm rod (ie The second joint) swings (the forearm is fixedly connected to the driven sprocket). When the cam (1) is near rest, the big arm stops, and the cam (2) continues to rotate. When the forearm turns to the turntable grip, the cam (2) enters the far rest stage. After the prefabricated bag clamping action ends, the cam (2) At the end of the remote rest, the cam (1) pushes, the boom swings counterclockwise, the cam (2) starts a second stroke, and continues to rotate counterclockwise so that the end effector bypasses the turntable clamp and avoids interference with it. Cam (2) immediately enters the return phase after the second stroke, and the forearm rotates clockwise. When the cam (1) ends its stroke and enters the far rest stage, the boom stops swinging, and the cam (2) continues to rotate clockwise. When it starts to near rest, the robot grips the bag again and repeats the operation. The two (path) transmissions coordinate and cooperate, and the prefabricated bag is clamped on the bag taker clamp to realize the bag taking, sending and clamping actions.

Simplified diagram of bag taking manipulator mechanism of rotary packing machine
1‐Cam 1 2-Cam 2 3, 4-Swing lever 5-Drive sprocket 6-Big arm 7-Chain 8-driven sprocket 9-Small arm 10-Bag taker clip

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