Cartoning Process Analysis of Automatic Cartoning Machine

The whole cartoning work process of the cartoning machine is relatively complicated, and it is a multi-station, multi-process working machine. The machine work mainly includes packaging processes such as sucking boxes, pushing materials, conveying, and sealing boxes. The box suction process includes two sub-processes of taking the box and placing the box; the box sealing process includes two sub-processes of folding the side tongue and folding the big tongue, and the big tongue folding also includes the pre-folding big tongue and pushing the big tongue. The specific process flow is shown in the figure.
1 The original carton 2. Take the box and put the box 3. Before pushing the material 4. Pushing the material 5. Fold the side tongue 6. Fold the big tongue 7. Push the big tongue
Boxing process diagram

The initial state of the carton is shown in station 1 in the figure. The actuator of the cartoning machine performs different functions on the carton and packaging materials at different stations. The box suction mechanism sucks the carton from the box holder and places it on the conveyor; the pusher mechanism pushes the materials to be packed into the opened carton; the box sealing mechanism seals the fed carton , Complete material packaging.
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