The principle of blister packaging machine

The blister packaging machine blister forming is an important process in the entire packaging process. The blister forming methods can be divided into the following 4 types:
1. Blister molding (negative pressure molding)
Vacuuming is used to suck the heated and softened film into the blister pocket of the forming mold to form a certain geometric shape to complete the blister forming. Blister molding generally uses roller molds. The molded blister has a small size, simple shape, uneven stretch of the blister, and a thinner top.
2. Blow molding (positive pressure molding)
Use compressed air to blow the heated and softened film into the blister pocket of the molding die to form a blister with the required geometry. Blow molding is mostly used in plate molds. The thickness of the formed blister is relatively uniform and the shape is stiff, which can form larger size blister.
3. Punch assisted blow molding
With the help of the punch, the heated and softened film is pressed into the mold cavity. When the punch is fully pressed, compressed air is introduced to make the film close to the inner wall of the mold cavity to complete the forming process. Punch-assisted molding is mostly used in flat blister packaging, and blister with uniform, large size and complex shape can be obtained through reasonable design.
4. Cold stamping of convex and concave dies
When the rigidity of the packaging material is relatively large (such as composite aluminum), the thermoforming method is obviously not applicable, but the cold stamping method of convex and concave molds is used, that is, the convex and concave molds are closed, and the diaphragm is formed, in which the air flows from the forming mold. The vent is exhausted.

Recommended blister packaging machine :
High-speed blister packaging and automatic cartoning linkage production line (aluminum-plastic-aluminum full servo)

The DPH380DLS-DXH400S high-speed blister packaging and automatic cartoning linkage production line is based on the aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine and automatic cartoning machine, adding a tropical aluminum forming and sealing station to make the product packaging more sealed, moisture-proof and avoiding The light effect has been improved, and the product level has been increased, and intelligent robots have been added for linked production, which is suitable for product packaging in the pharmaceutical, food, medical equipment, and health care industries.
Hualian company has 30 years of experience in producing blister packaging machines, and successfully developed the latest balcony-style high-speed aluminum-plastic-aluminum blister packaging machine. This model adopts the design concept of zoning clean and humanized, which has the advantages of avoiding pollution, simple operation and convenient maintenance. , The operation monitoring means are comprehensive and other features, thereby significantly improving work efficiency and reducing the labor intensity of workers, and comprehensively solve the shortcomings of inconvenient cleaning and maintenance of traditional models, and troublesome mold replacement. This model has been awarded the utility model patent certificate by the State Patent Office. This all-in-one is the first international model. 【Click on the picture to view details】

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