Bag supporting mechanism device of rotary packing machine

Movement diagram of bag holding mechanism device

1- Rack 2- Swing rod 3- Roller 4- Bag supporting rotary cam 5- Main shaft 6 Bag lifting cam 7- Connecting rod 8- Roller 9- Roller connecting rod 10- Swing rod 11- Fixed connection Rod 12-Bag support mechanical arm 13-Cylinder 14-Bag support clamp

The mechanism movement diagram of the bag holding system of the rotary packing machine is shown in the figure above. The bag support manipulator works in the connection process of the third and fourth stations. When the breakthrough bag reaches the third station, the suction cup absorbs and opens the bag mouth, and the PLC system sends instructions according to the sequence to blow air into the bag through the nozzle to blow the bag Blow to a fully expanded state. The main shaft drives the rotating cam and the lifting roller to rotate, the lifting roller drives the swing rod to swing, and the roller link hinged with the main shaft drives the robot arm to rise and fall, so that the clamping plate of the telescopic rack device is lowered to a certain depth in the bag with the shaft. The cylinder action opens the pallet to support the bag (the suction cup stops sucking at this time); the rotating drum drives the swing rod to swing, the connecting rod is connected to the connecting rod (2, 11) through the ball hinges B and C, and the swing rod (2) passes through the connecting rod ( 7.11) Drive the bag support arm to rotate to realize the bag support clamp to maintain the bag support state. The manipulator support plate is mainly synchronized with the packaging bag and the turntable to move to the next station for filling and unloading. After the discharging is finished, the bag holder clamp rises and then returns to the starting position. The working principle of this process is exactly the opposite of the previous one. Two actions are realized, namely lifting and rotating. These two actions are three-dimensional space operations. Both the lifting and rotating mechanisms use a spindle mechanism, in which the lifting mechanism replaces the planar spindle mechanism, and the rotating mechanism uses a space drum linkage mechanism.
The mechanism movement diagram contains two closed kinematic chains, one is a spatial four-bar mechanism RSSR type crank and rocker mechanism composed of a frame, a swing rod (2), a connecting rod (7) and a connecting rod (11). The other is an RRLP type four-bar mechanism composed of a frame, a swing rod (10), a connecting rod (9) and an arm rod.
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