New cartoning process of automatic cartoning machine

In the early stage of the production and investigation of the single-box-shaped cartoning machine , it was found that when the carton is unfolded, the difference between its internal space size and the size of the filling material is very small, as shown in Figure 1 due to the influence of the side tongue of the carton , Causing the push to fail.

Figure 1 Diagram of failed packing and pushing

In order to solve the above problems, in the study of this article, the cartoning process of the cartoning machine will be redesigned. The newly designed cartoning process is similar to that of the traditional cartoning machine. The only difference is the addition of a pre-opening side tongue. Process, pre-open the side tongue of the carton before pushing the material to solve the problem of the failure of pushing the material. The specific process route is shown in Figure 2.

1. The original carton 2. Take the box and put the box 3. Pre-opening the side tongue 4. Before pushing the material 5. Pushing the material 6. Folding the side tongue 7. Pre-folding the big tongue 8. Pushing the big tongue
Figure 2 Process diagram of the new boxing process

After the carton has completed the process of taking the box and putting the box, the side tongue of the carton is pre-opened, as shown in the process 3 of Figure 2, it is convenient to push the materials of the process 4 and the process 5, and then perform the side tongue of the carton Fold the tongue, as shown in process 6, and finally pre-fold and push the big tongue on the carton to complete the boxing.
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