Batch numbering and punching process of aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine

Batch numbering process
The industry standard of aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine clearly requires that the packaging machine must have a batch numbering device. The batch number printed by the packaging machine generally uses the punch molding method to print the production date and batch number. Batch numbering can be done in a separate station, or at the same station as the heat sealing and tearing line.
Punching process
Die-cutting is the last step of the blister packaging process, which is to die-cut the heat-sealed film into a finished product of a specified size.

Aluminum-plastic blister packaging technology has developed rapidly in recent years. The demand for simple and fast heat-sealing equipment is increasing, and a variety of options have emerged, including a robot-based intelligent aluminum-plastic packaging system that meets FDA requirements. It also provides effective solutions for many small and difficult-to-package products.
With the continuous update of pharmaceutical packaging materials and the continuous improvement of the performance of packaging equipment, pharmaceutical blister packaging will have a better development in humanized design, safety, multi-function and environmental protection.

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High-speed blister pillow packaging and automatic cartoning linkage production line (intelligent robot application)
The high-speed blister pillow packaging and automatic cartoning linkage production line is suitable for high-speed aluminum-plastic packaging of medicines, especially capsules, tablets, and sugar-coated tablets. It automatically detects and rejects waste. The intelligent robot automatically queues up and sends to the high-speed pillow packaging machine to deliver the medicine board. Side seal, and enter the cartoning machine through the servo rotating suction head. The high-speed automatic cartoning machine loads the medicine board and instructions into the carton and seals the batch number. The whole process of fully automatic packaging can achieve the purpose of reducing space and saving labor, high automation High cleanliness is more in line with GMP requirements
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