Turntable cam mechanism of rotary packing machine

The six-station turntable mechanism is the main execution carrier for the packaging operation of the rotary packing machine . One of its key mechanisms is the turntable cam, which controls the width of the gripper of the turntable machine to realize the opening and closing of the bag mouth. For the bag clamping action at the first station, the bag opening action at the third station, and the bag opening closing action between the fourth station and the fifth station, the turntable cam is required to achieve this. For this purpose, a special A cam profile curve with a law of motion, Figure 5.14 is a schematic diagram of its structure. The four-segment cam profile marked with serial numbers a, b, c, d in the figure is an important structure for changing the width of the clamp. The machine clamp device is a roller swing lever disc cam mechanism, with a total of 12, divided into six pairs of machine clamp hands.

Schematic diagram of the turntable cam structure of the rotary packing machine
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