What are the advantages of the pharmaceutical blister packaging machine ?

The blister packaging of medicines is also called blister packaging, abbreviated as "PTP" (Press Through Packaging). It is to first blister the transparent plastic hard sheet, fill the solid medicine such as tablets, pills, capsules in the groove, and then heat and bond it with the aluminum foil coated with the adhesive to form an independent sealed package .

The drug blister packaging machine has great advantages: firstly, it provides patients with one-dose drug packaging, which is convenient and economical; secondly, the PTP packaging protects drugs with good performance and high production efficiency; low cost, small storage space, and weight It is light and easy to transport; thirdly, it is safe. Because the PTP package can be printed with text instructions, both the dispenser and the user can avoid the occurrence of wrong medication.

Choosing a good drug blister packaging opportunity will make you more effective.
Recommended medicine blister packaging machine :
High-speed aluminum-plastic blister packaging and automatic cartoning linkage production line

High-speed aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine and automatic cartoning machine linkage production line is suitable for high-speed aluminum-plastic packaging of medicines, especially capsules, tablets, sugar-coated tablets, automatic detection and rejection, and medicine boards are automatically queued and sent to the high-speed automatic cartoning machine silo . The high-speed automatic cartoning machine loads the medicine board and instructions into the carton and seals the box for batch number. The whole process is fully automatic packaging, which can achieve the purpose of reducing space and saving labor. High automation and cleanliness are more in line with GMP requirements.

Technical characteristics
1. Use DPH-380D high-speed blister packaging machine to pack all kinds of regular medicines with high-speed aluminum-plastic packaging, and have high-speed detection and rejection.
2. With patented rotating suction head and intelligent conveyor belt medicine board queuing technology, it can realize 600 boards per minute to be stably queued and sent to the boxed medicine warehouse.
3. Use ZHJ-400D automatic cartoning machine to achieve high speed matching.

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