Commissioning and operation of automatic rotary packing machine

1. Before turning on the rotary packing machine , first use the manual device to test run. If each mechanism works normally, turn on the control cabinet, turn on the main power supply, and turn on the vacuum pump and air pump.
2. Check whether the electronic scale silo is storing materials, as shown in Figure 6.8, if there is no material, start the material conveying system to feed.
3. Click the user login interface of the touch screen, enter the operation interface, set the main motor speed, and click the PLC "manual operation" interface, as shown in Figure 6.9. You can see "suction bag", "take bag", "up" on the screen. Buttons such as "open bag", "open bag underneath", "support bag", "inflate", "feed", "exhaust", "heat seal" and "shape". When the machine is in a stopped state, it is convenient to click the button to check whether the corresponding components are working properly and to perform manual debugging.

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