Parameter setting for the operation interface of the rotary packing machine

1) Click on the parameter setting interface, the interface will display as shown in the figure below, and set the relevant parameters. The number of vibrations refers to the number of vibrations within an action. Vibration time 1 refers to the time of one vibration within an action, and vibration time 2 refers to the time of two vibrations within an action.

Parameter setting interface for rotary packing machine

2) Set the heat sealing temperature to control the temperature of the horizontal sealing of the bag mouth, as shown in the figure below.

Parameter setting interface for rotary packing machine

3) For the relevant parameter settings of the electronic scale, there are four buttons on the main interface: "Run", "Statistics", "Settings", and "Manual Test", which control the movement and stop of the electronic scale, and the statistics of packaging bags. Institutional parameter setting and manual testing.

Setting interface of relevant parameters of electronic scale for rotary packing machine

5. After setting the parameters, perform no-load operation first. If the no-load operation is normal, place the bag and test the operation. If the feeding operation is replaced normally, click "Run" on the electronic weighing scale control interface to start charging and discharging.
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