The working process of the rotary packing machine

The rotary packing machine gradually replaced manual packaging, enabling large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve packaging automation, effectively improving production efficiency and reducing costs. Increasing the packaging speed has always been a research hotspot in the industry for the improvement and upgrading of packaging machines.
The working process of the rotary packing machine includes bag taking, coding, bag holding, filling, heat sealing, and shaping. The bag taking process is the basis for the subsequent process to proceed smoothly. It needs good movement and power performance to ensure 40 Packing speed of bags/min.
The kinematics analysis of the bag taking manipulator of the rotary packing machine is carried out, the movement law of the double cam-swing rod combination mechanism is obtained, the movement reliability of the actuator is analyzed, and the movement trajectory of the end effector is optimized to improve its performance Index, and then improve the production efficiency of the rotary packing machine.

rotary packing machine

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