Design and optimization of suction box mechanism of automatic cartoning machine

The box suction mechanism of the automatic cartoning machine is the executive component of the first process of the automatic cartoning machine. When working, the suction cup of the box suction mechanism removes the carton from the box holder. During the removal process, the carton is pre-loaded. Expand; During the process of putting the box, the carton is completely opened, and finally the carton is stably placed in the card slot on the conveyor chain to complete the taking and putting of the box.

There are many types of automatic cartoning machine , including tea cartoning machines, medicine cartoning machines, food cartoning machine , and hardware accessories cartoning machines. The box suction mechanisms used by different types of cartoning machine are roughly the same, mainly including an intermittent reciprocating swing lever mechanism and a continuous rotating circular gear planetary gear train mechanism. Among them, the intermittent reciprocating type is suitable for small medium and low speed carton packaging machines, and the continuous rotation type is suitable for large medium and high speed carton packaging machines.

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