Daily operation, maintenance and maintenance work of automatic cartoning machine

Preparation before starting the cartoning machine:
1) Check the equipment status label, and change the equipment status label to "running" after confirming that there is no abnormality.
2) Check the equipment item by item according to the equipment inspection table and make a record. If there is any abnormality, report for repair in time, and proceed to the next step after confirming that there is no abnormality.
3) Lubricate the equipment against the equipment lubrication table and make a record.

Cartoning machine startup operation:
1) After confirming that the equipment is normal, turn on the power of the boxing machine in the distribution box, turn the power knob of the boxing machine control cabinet to the "on" position, the equipment is powered on, and the alarm light on the equipment control cabinet starts to flash.
2) Turn on the air inlet switch of the equipment. .
3) Press the reset button; if there is an abnormality, an "alarm message" will be displayed on the display, follow the prompts to deal with it; if there is no abnormality, the device can be started.
4) Set the packaging speed, feed angle, photoelectric detection angle and other parameters on the touch screen according to product characteristics.
5) Put the manual and the small box code in place according to the production requirements.
6) Press the "Vacuum Pump" button on the touch screen to start the equipment vacuum pump. Press the "Paper Down and Open" button on the touch screen to start the compressed air at the folder.
7) Press the green "Run" button on the control panel, the equipment will run automatically, and the packaging box will be placed on the conveyor belt to achieve automatic packaging
8) During the adjustment process, when manual cranking is required, first turn off the power of the whole machine and then use the handwheel to manually crank. If you need to jog, press the "manual operation"-"jog" button after powering on, and the machine can perform jog operation. If you press the "Single Cycle" button, the machine will perform a complete packaging process. If the packaging switch is touched, the machine also performs a complete packaging operation. If you don't need to feed the film, you can turn off the film feed switch, at this time the equipment does not run under the film.
9) If there is a malfunction during the operation of the equipment, the tools must be counted and the machine must be cranked manually before starting the equipment to ensure that there are no obstacles during the normal operation. Manual turning: Turn the manual turning handle to the left and turn the hand wheel in the direction of the arrow.
10) The cartoning machine uses manual methods to put the products into the silo. After the equipment is started up and running, the unloading staff puts the materials into the silo to realize automatic packaging. During the unwinding process, it is forbidden to reach the ship behind the yellow or red and white warning line.
11) After the production is over, press the "Stop" button on the equipment control panel to stop the equipment. .

Cartoning machine shutdown operation
1) After the cartoning machine stops running, turn off the "Paper Unload" and "Vacuum Pump" buttons on the touch screen in turn.
2) Turn off the air intake and open up x< Turn off the power switch on the side of the equipment distribution box.
3) Turn off the power switch that controls the transparent film packaging machine in the wall distribution box.

Cartoning machine maintenance
1) Lubricate the various transmission parts inside the equipment every week, and do not add too much oil to avoid polluting materials. The conveyor belts of each conveyor are adjusted every week to ensure that the conveyor belts do not run off.
2) When operating the equipment, remind each other to prevent personnel and equipment accidents caused by misoperation.
3) When cleaning the equipment, water is strictly prohibited from entering the electrical parts to avoid electric shock accidents and equipment accidents.
4) When operating the touch screen, you must be careful, you must operate it by hand, and disable other items instead of hand operation to avoid damage.
5) Every week, check whether the screws and transmission parts of the equipment are loose, and check whether the silo conveyor chain clamp ring is off.
6) During the operation of the machine, pay attention to whether the machine has abnormal noises and odors, and quickly turn off the power and report for repair.

Cartoning machine repair
1) When inspecting and repairing the cartoning machine equipment, be sure to cut off the power supply and turn off the compressed air.
2) Check all transmission parts weekly to ensure that the transmission parts are not loose or abnormal.
3) Add lubricating oil to all transmission components in the chassis every week to ensure that the transmission of each component is flexible and no abnormalities. The main shaft and cam transmission parts should be greased.
4) Use compressed air to remove dust from the electrical control box every month, and fasten all wiring terminals, wipe the surface of the equipment and electrical appliances with a dry towel, and wipe the inside of the equipment chassis with cotton thread, so that there is no visible dust and dirt on the surface of the equipment, and the equipment appears True colors.
5) Check the switch button and emergency stop button every month to ensure that they work normally and effectively.

6) The lubricating oil of the reducer is replaced every 5000 hours of operation, specification: hyperbolic gear oil.

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