Working principle of rotary packing machine

The rotary packing machine can automatically complete the packaging processes of prefabricated packaging bags, material metering and filling, packaging bag sealing, and finished product shaping output. Considering factors such as packaging physical properties, packaging speed, sealing method, and manufacturing cost, the packaging machine can be designed into 6-station, 8-station, 10-station and other different forms. The rotary packing machine in the picture is an 8-station rotary packing machine , which is mainly composed of parts such as bag feeding, filling, sealing, finished product shaping and output, as well as intermittent return bag system, electronic control system, etc. The process plate rotates intermittently to drive the clamp hand to clamp the prefabricated packaging bag conveyed by the bag feeding mechanism, and sequentially and intermittently pass the bag feeding, coding, bag opening, filling, clearing, sealing, and output stations to complete the automatic packaging of materials .

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