Characteristics and classification of medicinal cartoning machine

Hualian Pharmaceutical Machine ZHJ-400 Medicine Cartoning Machine

1. Features of medicinal cartoning machine
(1) Insert the drug insert;
(2) The carton should be printed with the production date, product batch number, expiration date, etc. (such as the supervision code of special drugs);
(3) Counting statistics for packaging (should comply with the count distribution requirements in Article 4703 of the "Drug GMP Certification Inspection and Evaluation Standards");
(4) Quality inspection of inner packaging drugs;
(5) It can meet the requirements of batch/time change. For other cartoning machines, these special points do not have to be reached.

2. The form of the medicinal cartoning machine (classification)
1) According to the way that the packaged material enters the carton, it can be divided into horizontal and vertical. Among them, the model in which the packaged material is pushed into the carton in the horizontal direction is called the horizontal type, and the model in which the packaged material enters the carton in the vertical direction is called the vertical type.
2) According to the final carton sealing form, it can be divided into tongue type, adhesive type, mixed type, labeling, unfolding, self-locking, etc.
3) According to the shape of the packaged object, it can be divided into plate shape (such as blister packaging), bottle shape, tube shape, special shape, etc.
4) According to the specifications of the packaged material, it can be divided into single piece, double piece, multiple pieces, combined pieces (such as 1 antibiotic bottle powder injection + 1 ampoule water injection), etc.

3. Daily maintenance of the medicine cartoning machine
1) Clean the carton residue, dust and other debris on the surface of the box machine every shift;
2) Clean the rubber particles near the nozzle every shift.
3) Add appropriate amount of silicone oil to the guide shaft of the carton fork, the push rod slider, the lever drive shaft and the connecting rod of the carton lateral blade every shift, and remove the old oil before filling.

Hualian Pharmaceutical Machine ZHJ-400 Medicine Cartoning Machine

Advantages of Hualian ZHJ-400 Medicine Cartoning Machine:

ZHJ-400 medicine cartoning machine is suitable for cartoning of medicine boards, tubes, bottles and similar items. It can continuously run the cartoning, the maximum speed can reach 370 boxes/min, the packaging efficiency is high, the quality is excellent, and it is a motor integration High-tech products. It can automatically complete manual folding, carton opening, block boxing, batch number printing, and sealing. It adopts high frequency speed regulation and PLC control with man-machine interface. The photoelectric monitors the actions of each part, and if there is an abnormality during operation, it can automatically stop and display the reason for timely troubleshooting. It can be used alone or connected with blister packaging machine and other equipment to form a production line.
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