The requirements of automatic cartoning machine for operators

In the production process of automatic cartoning machine, if there is a fault that cannot be dealt with in time, the production efficiency will be greatly affected. At this time, a skilled automatic cartoning machine operator becomes very important. For the staff skilled in the automatic cartoning machine, if the equipment alarms and stops, they do not need to look at the alarm data on the automatic cartoning machine operation screen, but stand in front of the automatic cartoning machine and can be accurate by listening and watching. Quickly determine which location is the fault alarm.

For example, if there is no sound when the vehicle stops suddenly, it may be an alarm of "there is no partition in the detection position". Just manually place a partition and reset and drive; if the alarm stops, the sound of "sizzling" will be emitted at this time. It can be judged that the "manual failure alarm" caused by the suction cup not holding the manual, the treatment measure is to position the manual close to the suction cup; if it is caused by the "reject failure alarm", take out the rejected items from the box and count Quantity, reset and drive.

Through the above, we also know that in daily work, it is very important for an automatic cartoning machine operator to be good at summing up and continuously accumulate experience. A good automatic cartoning machine operator can only be based on the post. Become a leader, fully understand the operating principle of the automatic cartoning machine, and be proficient in the operation status of the automatic cartoning machine can make such accurate judgments.
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