Advantages of automatic rotary packing machine

What is to the rotary packing machine :

The working method of the rotary packing machine requires the equipment operator to place hundreds of vacuum packaging machines in the bag taking part of the equipment, so that the equipment can automatically take the bag, print the date, hold the bag, and give the bag. The measuring device signal measures and fills materials, seals, and outputs products. Of course, customers can also add detailed functions such as emergency stop, automatic card insertion, and abnormal discharge to the fully automatic bag vacuum packaging machine according to the characteristics and needs of their products. The whole packaging process does not require manual operations, which can improve the company's production efficiency. Save labor costs and management costs, reduce enterprise cost input.

The scope of use of the rotary packing machine:

The fully automatic bag-feeding vacuum packaging machine has a wide range of applications. It can pack vacuum packaging bags of various materials, such as aluminum foil bags, PE bags, PP bags and other materials. The packaging materials are lost in stretch film vacuum packaging. The machine is relatively low, and it needs to use prefabricated packaging bags. The packaging bag pattern is beautifully printed and the sealing quality is good, thereby improving the product quality; it can also be used for multiple purposes. The bag size is 80-220mm in width and 120- in length. Within the range of 280mm, multiple specifications can be packaged by one device, and the fully automatic bag-type vacuum packaging machine can package the following items:

1. Liquids: detergent, wine, soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juice, beverage, tomato sauce, jam, chili sauce, bean paste.
2. Blocks: peanuts, jujubes, potato chips, rice crackers, nuts, candy, chewing gum, pistachios, melon seeds, nuts, pet food, etc.
3. Granules: condiments, additives, crystal seeds, seeds, granulated sugar, soft white sugar, chicken essence, grains, agricultural products.
4. Powders: flour, seasonings, milk powder, glucose, chemical seasonings, fertilizers.

Overview of the operation process of the automatic rotary packing machine:

1. Pay attention to the automatic bag-feeding vacuum packaging machine when it is turned on. The bag-feeding speed should be set between 30-41HZ for normal operation, and not exceed 45HZ, otherwise the equipment will be damaged;
2. The preparation work before starting the automatic bag-type vacuum packaging machine is to open the external air source, place the pre-customized packaging bag and turn on the power.
3. Bag loading: the bag is sent to the machine clip by the method of removing and removing the bag, and there is no bag warning, which reduces the employment and labor intensity;
4. Print the production date: Ribbon detection, stop warning when the ribbon is used up, touch screen display to ensure normal coding of the packaging bag;
5. Open the bag: open the bag to detect, do not open the bag, no blanking, to ensure that the material is not lost;
6. Filling materials: detection, materials are not filled, heat-sealed and not sealed, to ensure that the bag is not wasted;
7. Heat sealing: warning of abnormal temperature to ensure sealing quality
8. Cooling and discharging: to ensure beautiful sealing.

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