Working principle of Automatic Pouch Packing Machine

The Automatic Pouch Packing Machine is a packaging machine that can automatically complete a series of operations of taking, opening, measuring, filling and sealing of pre-made bags, referred to as the bag-feeding vacuum packaging machine; it is mainly composed of automatic bag-feeding and bag-taking device, The bag opening device, rotary bag transport system, metering and filling system, sealing device, and electrical control system are composed; the core transmission of the machine adopts chain and cam mechanism, and the main machine is mainly controlled by decentralized transmission and main shaft centralized transmission. The internal equipment of the machine is equipped with Automatic coding, detection, automatic frequency conversion speed regulation and other devices can automatically adjust the speed according to the production needs of the enterprise. If there are any failures or problems such as not opening the bag or feeding, the automatic detection of the bag packaging machine The function can automatically detect abnormalities and stop working to avoid safety accidents or waste packaging products, which effectively saves the production cost of the enterprise.

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