The working process of the rotary packing machine

As shown in the figure, the rotary packing machine has a total of 8 stations. Compared with the traditional rotary packing machine , 2 stations are added. The additional sealing stations are used to increase the strength of the sealing and improve the quality of the sealing.

1-for bag
2-size adjustment handwheel
3-Printing and coding
4- open bag
5- Sauce filling
6-liquid filling
7-The first heat seal
8-Second heat seal
9、Heat sealing and cooling forming
10、Product output

In the picture, the bag-feeding station of the rotary packing machine puts the prefabricated packaging bag on the bag-feeding conveyor, and the bag is picked up by the bag-feeding gripper of the bag-type vacuum packaging machine, and then fed For the rotary bag transport system, the two ends of the upper part of the bag are clamped and rotated by two machine clamping arms. After the bag supply is completed, the host rotates 45°; it reaches the inkjet printing station, which mainly prints the date of the packaging bag; the action is completed Then rotate 45° to arrive at the bag opening station in turn, open the bag opening, sauce filling station, pour the sauce into the bag, liquid filling, heat sealing for the first time, heat sealing for the second time, The heat seal is cooled and formed, and finally the bag clamp on the machine clamp arm is pushed open by the bag pushing mechanism, and the product is separated from the machine clamp and dropped into the product conveyor belt for product output. Complete a workflow cycle.

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