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Some knowledge of Tube Filling And Sealing Machine
GF-800F / L automatic tube filling and sealing machine
The GF-800F / L automatic tube filling and sealing machine adopts 12-station design, which can realize various folding packaging of metal tubes. The same machine can easily realize the packaging of plastic tubes and metal tubes by changing molds and accessories. It is an ideal equipment for the filling, sealing and sealing of aluminum tubes, plastic tubes and composite tubes in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, adhesive and other industries, in line with GMP requirements.
Daily necessities plastic hose sealing machine works:

Ultrasonic hose sealing welding machine uses ultrasonic plastic welding technology to seal the hose. It has clean and environmental protection, fast sealing speed, beautiful appearance, good sealing quality, non-destructive plastic hose, and no need for auxiliary agent. Plastic hose sealing machine is applied to toothpaste, cosmetics, medicine, food, industrial supplies, and other plastic hoses and composite tube sealing. Applicable to food, medicine, daily cosmetics, etc. in the hose packaging industry, such as toothpaste, ointment, ink, hair cream, jam, paint, glue and so on. Especially for PE, PVC, PP plastic hoses have excellent sealing effect.

Plastic tube filling and sealing machine features:
1, the cosmetic hose ultrasonic sealing machine adopts the Japanese imported piezoelectric ceramic transducer, the output is strong and stable;
2, the outer casing of the ultrasonic plastic hose sealing and welding machine is made of stainless steel and is durable;
3, ultrasonic plastic hose tail sealing machine uses gas operation, can be suitable for use in various environments with gas source 220V power supply;
As shown in Figure 4, the ultrasonic food hose sealing machine adopts the Taiwan movement circuit and has good working stability;
5, ultrasonic PE hose sealing welding machine adjusts sealing temperature and sealing time according to hose material;
As shown in Figure 6, the ultrasonic toothpaste hose sealing and welding machine is processed by ultrasonic technology, and the moving components adopt world famous brands, and the quality of the sealing is guaranteed.

Plastic pipe filling and sealing machine principle:
The ultrasonic plastic hose end-sealing welding machine generates a high-voltage high-frequency electric signal of 20KHZ by an ultrasonic generator, and then uses an ultrasonic converter to convert high-frequency electric energy into mechanical vibration energy. The ultrasonic sealing mold applies vibration energy to the plastic hose, and the temperature transmitted to the interface is increased by the friction between the surface of the hose and the intrinsic molecules. When the temperature reaches the melting point of the hose itself, the hose interface melts rapidly. Then filled in the gap between the interfaces, when the vibration stops, the hose is cooled and shaped under a certain pressure to achieve perfect welding. The workpiece after welding reaches practical requirements such as watertight and airtight.

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