Troubleshooting of Blister Packaging Machine

This article mainly introduces the faults of several blister packaging machines and their solutions. I hope it will be helpful to you.
1. Changes in material thickness
This may affect the integrity of the blister packaging machine packaging, thereby forming a complete barrier around different products. In addition to this, the quality of the material may cause changes in the material thickness; you can solve this problem by considering the uniform material thickness and properly programming the machine.

2. Lack of product in cavity
This may be due to defective parts of the blister packaging machine or the result of high-speed filling of parts into the cavity. You can solve this problem by fixing the damaged part (such as the steering roller) to properly fill the cavity. You should also adjust the speed of the steering wheel from the control panel.

3. Improper sealing
This may cause the sealing ring to peel off the PVC. The main cause of this problem is insufficient heating and pressure. You can classify by fixed heating system and pneumatic system. You will also appropriately control the pneumatic and heating mechanisms from the control panel.
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