Introduction to the cartoning process of the automatic cartoning machine

The cartoning process of the automatic cartoning machine can be divided into five steps: blanking, cartoning, unpacking, filling and sealing.

1. Unloading: First, it is sent from the blanking device to the conveyor belt, and the computer sends the command to the folding machine and the suction box device.

2. Lower box: The box suction device takes out the box in the box library and puts it on the box moving rail.

3. Opening the box: the guide rail fixture fixes the carton, the push plate pushes the carton open, the two plywood moving with the carton rises from both sides of the guide rail, clamps the sides of the carton from the front and rear directions, so that the carton opens at a right angle and moves forward to Filling area.

4. Cartoning: The conveyor belt of the automatic cartoning machine transports the materials, and the push rod pushes the materials into the empty boxes in the loading area.

5. Closing the lid: After the material is pushed into the box by the push rod, the carton will enter the lid closing station driven by the guide rail. Before closing the box cover, the mechanism will first bend the tongue of the box, and the push plate will push the box cover to bend so that the tongue can be inserted into the box.
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