Analysis of the status quo of blister cartoning machines in China

With the continuous improvement of the production quality of major pharmaceutical companies in China, the requirements for the packaging of medicines are also increasing, especially the requirements for tablet blister cartoning machine, and various types of multifunctional automatic blister cartoning machine are also increasing. Began to be gradually applied in pharmaceutical companies.

The most common blister packaging material is generally polyvinyl chloride sheet (medicinal PVC) or composite double aluminum sheet (CFF). Medicinal PVC has good compatibility, is easy to form and seal, and is low in price, but has poor moisture barrier properties; CFF has good moisture barrier properties, but it is easy to distort and make it difficult to see the medicine inside. In order to balance the poor barrier properties of PVC blister and the high price of double-aluminum blister, a form of adding -. layer pillow bag between the blister and the outer packaging box has appeared on the market, forming an inner packaging + medium A new type of pharmaceutical packaging form of packaging + outer packaging.
The bottleneck of the limited production speed of the blister packaging machine and cartoning machine production line lies in the cartoning machine, and the bottleneck of the development of the cartoning machine lies in the paper folding machine. At present, the fastest German GUK brand paper folding machine in the world has a stable speed of 500 sheets/min, so as far as the paper folding machine is concerned, the fastest cartoning machine currently on the market is 500 boxes/min. If classified according to the operating speed of the cartoning machine, it can be divided into 5 types:
The first type is low speed, the speed is about 60~100 boxes/min;
The second type is medium and low speed, the speed is about 100~200 boxes/min;
The third type is medium speed, the speed is about 200~300 boxes/min;
The fourth type is medium and high speed, the speed is about 300~400 boxes/min;
The fifth type is high speed, the speed is about 400~500 boxes/min. These five types of cartoning machines have their advantages and disadvantages, and their uses are also different.

At present, domestically-made drug cartoning machines can generally reach the level of category 1, category 2, and category 3. Representative manufacturers include Shanghai Dongfulong Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Shuanghe Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Ruian Hualian Pharmaceutical Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hope Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai New Gude Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Liaoning Chunguang Machinery Co., Ltd.,
Jinzhou Wonder Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. (acquired by Uhlmann, Germany), etc.; the production companies that have reached the level of 4 are mainly Korea Xingya, Japan CKD, Germany Romaco, and Italy CAM; production companies that have reached the level of 5 Mainly include Italian IMA Company, Italian Maximilian Company, German Uhlmann Company.

In 2019, the DPH380S-DXH500S drug blister cartoning and packaging intelligent production line complete system (full servo) developed by Hualian Pharmaceutical Machinery has been able to achieve 600 plates per minute (plate 90*57) stably and double-lane queuing into the boxed drug store. , Can save more than 400,000 consumables per year. Click the image above to view the video.

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