The origin of the blister packaging machine cartoning machine

The earliest cartoning machine manufacturing originated in the 1950s. Typical European manufacturing plants include Nordon in Sweden, IWKA in Germany, Romaco in the United States, and CAM in Italy. From the perspective of foreign manufacturers, data analysis shows that the price of equipment is relatively high. The prices of the products of Sweden's Nordon and Italy's CAM are about US$1.4 million and US$1.5 million; compared to the products of the other two countries, German IWKA The price of the company's 100 series products reached approximately $1.6 million. The cartoning speed of foreign cartoning machines is relatively high, and its speed basically reaches 500~600 boxes/min. For example, the high-speed CAMKO cartoning machine developed by the Italian CAM. The main packaging object is the blister of candy or medicine. Packaging, generally can reach 600 boxes/min. The equipment is equipped with a unit control system, data acquisition, storage and transmission. This has become a standard configuration and can be opened to customers through purchase.
      It was not until the 1960s that cartoning machines were developed in China. With the gradual deepening of reform and opening up, the development of domestic cartoning machines has undergone tremendous changes. The scope of application of the domestic cartoning machine has also developed from the initial plate-shaped inner packaging and ointment tube to the diversified packaging of flexible inner packaging such as soft bags and medical bottles. The cartoning speed has evolved from 60 boxes/min to 400~500 boxes/min. In order to standardize the standardized production of cartoning machines, the country has formulated a number of standards for cartoning machines.
      Compared with the advanced level of the same type of products in Germany and Italy, domestic products have certain gaps in production capacity, processing accuracy, automatic control technology and the diversity of packaging materials, especially the collection, storage, transmission and processing of real-time data. , Has not yet formed a standard, manufacturers are more arbitrary, although some devices also provide data interfaces, but the standardization is poor. Due to the improvement of domestic intelligent control technology in recent years, the gap between the domestic cartoning machine and the international advanced level has gradually narrowed.
     In 2019, the DPH380S-DXH500S drug blister cartoning and packaging intelligent production line system (full servo) developed by Zhejiang Ruian Hualian Pharmaceutical Machinery has been able to achieve 600 plates per minute (plate 90*57) stably in double lanes and queued for packaging. The pharmacy can save more than 400,000 consumables per year.

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