How to choose a good rotary packing machine

Choosing a good rotary packing machine we can analyze from the following three points:

1. In terms of equipment service life
The good quality of the bag-type packaging will choose a mechanical structure when the time is to protect it, and the cost of protection will be greatly reduced. It only needs to add oil and tighten the screws daily, which requires extremely low skills for operators and long equipment life (approximately 8-10 years).
If other skills are used, serious problems will occur after using the equipment for about half a year (lifespan is about 2-3 years).

2. The equipment has better stability and performance
You need to consider what your packaging requirements for the fully automatic rotary packing machine are, and you must meet the skill requirements of the packaging target. Other packaging materials and containers for the fully automatic rotary packing machine should also be targeted. The choice of sex, so as to ensure the packaging power and packaging quality and function of the product.
Generally, the degree of automation of fully automatic rotary packing machine is relatively high, so the second consideration for manufacturers is whether the function of the equipment is stable or not, whether the quality of the equipment is satisfactory, advanced skills, easy operation, convenient protection, and safety should be selected. Fully automatic bag packaging machine with high and low energy consumption.

3. In terms of energy consumption cost
When choosing a fully automatic rotary packing machine, you should also pay attention to the versatility of the machine. It is best to meet the packaging needs of a variety of items. When producing multiple varieties, the same type, and multiple standard products, choose a multi-functional fully automatic rotary packing machine Type packaging machine, one machine can complete multiple packaging operations, which not only saves labor costs, but also increases the power of production and reduces the occupation of space.

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