Principle of automatic cartoning machine

The operating principle of the automatic cartoning machine is suitable for the basic product feeding system. The feeding of the automatic cartoning machine is generally divided into 3 entrances: the manual entrance, the medicine board entrance and the machine package carton entrance. During the operation of the equipment, the cam drive system is used to make the three feeding systems of medicine feeding board, folding instructions and paper feeding box operate synchronously. Based on the control of medicine board station, the vacuum suction principle is used to synchronously supplement the supply of instructions and paper boxes.
(1) Use the synchronous conveyor belt to transfer the medicine board to the medicine board pusher guide box card warehouse, and use the optical fiber amplifier to detect the station number of the medicine board during the process of conveying the medicine board.
(2) After the manual folding mechanism obtains the medicine board signal source, two vacuum suction heads reversely suck a manual from the bookshelf, and then it is folded by the folding mechanism and sent to the manual entrance by the conveyor belt.
(3) After the carton feeding system obtains the medicine board signal source, it uses vacuum to reversely suck the bottom carton of the feeding carton bin, and uses a small connecting rod pre-opening device to push and press on the carton side to open it. Box.
(4) The ejector rod behind the card compartment of the ejector guide box reciprocates the ejector plate and instructions into the box during the operation of the cam transmission system.
(5) When the filled carton is moved, the front and rear parts of the carton are folded and the tongue is inserted step by step, and finally the closing and sealing action is completed. The whole process from the feeding of the machine package carton to the final packaging forming can be roughly

It can be divided into 4 stages: lowering the box, opening, filling, and closing the lid. The action of unloading the box is usually by a suction cup sucking a carton from the feeding port of the carton and going down to the main line of the carton. A guide rail is used to fix the carton and a push plate is used to open the carton. The forward-moving card bit rises from below, jams the side of the carton from the front and rear direction, so that the box opens at a right angle and moves forward to the loading area. After filling in the filling area, the mechanism of the machine will fold the ears into the left and right guide rails, and then perform the closing action.

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